“As Deutsche Leberhilfe e.V., we have launched the “Hepatitis-free Cologne” project and are happy to be able to count on admedicum’s support here…

The aim of the project is to diagnose people with hepatitis infections in Cologne and the surrounding area at an early stage and to give them faster access to specialist treatment. Hepatitis infections are easily treatable today. However, they often lead to no symptoms for a long time and are often only recognised when the liver is already severely damaged.

Our project “Hepatitis-free Cologne” wants to change this. To this end, an action alliance led by Deutsche Leberhilfe e.V. (German Liver Aid) has joined forces, which now includes three specialists for liver diseases, three pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and admedicum.

Before we got to know admedicum, the start of the project had been delayed several times. Another agency, which had initially been commissioned, had failed to keep promises several times and finally withdrew altogether. In this difficult situation, we received the saving recommendation of a project partner: “Why don’t you contact admedicum? They are good.”

We did and knew from the very first meeting: It fits. Mr Reimann and his team, Mr Hoenig and Ms Oster, convinced us immediately with their professionalism and commitment.

After three quarters of a year of close and constructive cooperation, we can say that things have been going well since admedicum joined the project. Now a second project phase is planned, in which we want to expand the educational work for people affected by hepatitis and address vulnerable groups in particular. We are happy to continue to have admedicum as a strong partner at our side.

Website of the project: https://www.hepatitisfreies-koeln.de”

Rob Pleticha
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