“How much he cared about all people living with rare diseases is underpinned by his volunteer work…During his time as CEO of Mukoviszidose e.V., the German Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Association (2002 – 2014), and as Managing Director of our research affiliate, the Mukoviszidose Institut GmbH (2006 – 2015), I came to work with Andreas Reimann. I am the father of a son with CF and I am grateful for what Andreas has contributed to the lives of CF patients and their loved ones. Andreas was able to combine a humane attitude and professionalism for the benefit of patients. He helped the association to an even higher reputation nationally and internationally. He was able to raise awareness in the public and promote support in health policy for the goals of CF patients.

This in turn helped to bring CF into the focus of research and medical care. Thanks to his prudent financial management and his good relationship with major donors, the association was able to raise sufficient funds to promote research and therapy and to support important international projects. Andreas always kept the impact on patients and their families in mind when making research and care a priority of our activities.

He also encouraged patient activists in the association and cooperated with pharmaceutical companies on an equal footing, always keeping in mind that the transparency and independence of the patient organization could never be compromised. His voluntary work as Vice President and later as President of ACHSE, the German umbrella organization for rare diseases, underlined how much he cared for everyone with rare diseases. If we overcome cystic fibrosis one day, Dr. Reimann has played his part. He reminded decision-makers in Germany of their responsibility for the lives of patients living with serious chronic diseases.”

Horst Mehl
past-president and currently honorary president
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