“The DNSS experts were enthusiastic about the results and admedicum’s competence”

“The Sklerodermie e.V. in connection with the scleroderma experts of the DNSS (German Network for Systemic Scleroderma) asked admedicum for support in conducting a survey among more than 1200 scleroderma patients in Germany. The aim was to investigate the extent to which scleroderma patients benefit from the infusion therapy, which is recommended but currently not refinanced and therefore difficult to obtain. The questionnaire developed by the Sklerodermie Selbsthilfe e.V. and experts in scleroderma was checked for plausibility by admedicum, supplemented, adapted, and prepared in such a way that it reached as many patients as possible in a short time, both on paper and via an online survey. admedicum did not only have considerable empathy and understood the problems and talked with us as if we would known each other already for years and let us feel that we were all on equal eye level.

The survey showed that a high percentage of patients benefit enormously from the therapy – medically and everyday life. “We finally had in our hands what we had known and experienced for years – but never in numbers and never according to different criteria could we question and evaluate.

The DNSS experts were enthusiastic about the results and admedicum’s competence and will prepare a scientific analysis on the basis of the survey, which without admedicum could not have been implemented in this way in terms of content, form or substance. This can be an important first step for the approval of the therapy and a cost assumption by the health insurance companies and thus an important step towards improved care of scleroderma patients.”

Emma Margarete Reil
Chairman, Sklerodermie e.V.
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