“I clearly recommend admedicum’s services…We embraced admedicum’s services, in collaboration with Trials24, only by the time that we became aware that the inclusion of patients with certain hematologic malignancies in an ongoing phase I study of a PRAME-specific TCR-T was not as expected due to the very restrictive nature of the eligibility criteria. The admedicum team’s experience and creativity towards a fruitful approach to our reality of clinical study conduct within Germany clearly translated into a gateway towards potentially eligible patients, who, upon triage, could ultimately be guided in contacting the investigational sites.

In concerto, a dedicated website for the specific conditions, use of advertising on social media and local radio presentations by clinical experts and the principal investigator did land a high number of patients or their caregivers to undergo the initial web-based triage towards improved patient recruitment. Hence I clearly recommend admedicum’s services for clinical studies for which patient recruitment is expected to be difficult, ideally well before the start of the study.”

René Goedkoop MD
Acting Chief Medical Officer, Medigene AG
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