Strategic Partnership of admedicum & Justin Stindt Consulting

In a number of projects admedicum and Justin Stindt Consulting have already successfully merged their expertise. The companies now are combining their skills tighter to create value for both patients and industry.
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Joining forces on Patient Access and Market Access

Cologne and Paris, May 18, 2021

admedicum and Justin Stindt Consulting to join forces in patient engagement (admedicum) and market access (Justin Stindt Consulting). 


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Pricing and reimbursement are ever increasing challenges for new treatment options in a clustered European healthcare landscape. Access of patients to new treatment options, however, must remain highest priority. In order to enable patient access to innovation, it is critical to generate the right evidence and solutions meeting the needs of patients, payers and prescribers.

In this context data about the actual patient relevance of any new treatment option is very important, both from the clinical trial setting as well as data reflecting the reality of the patient needs, benefits and preferences (real world evidence). admedicum and Justin Stindt Consulting together can help developing solutions meeting the needs of patients, payers and prescribers for successful health technology appraisal and ultimately patient access to Innovative technologies.

In a number of projects admedicum and Justin Stindt Consulting have already successfully merged their expertise in order to deliver highly patient relevant market access support for companies. The companies now are combining their skills tighter to create value for both patients and industry.

Justin Stindt Consulting GmbH brings in deep knowledge and experience in the field of Market Access. admedicum Business for Patients GmbH & Co KG adds the capability of involving the insights of those who live with the disease. Both partners together work closely with patient experts, the patient community and all other important stakeholders across the European Union and the UK. Based on patient relevance first admedicum and Justin Stindt Consulting strive to help companies creating better solutions for patient focused clinical development programs, richer value dossiers for HTA discussions and finally faster and better patient access.

About admedicum 

admedicum® Business for Patients brings together the services of healthcare companies and the needs of patients. We strive for credibility, genuine cooperation and a sustainable benefit for all. We are guided by the common good and always ensure transparency, independence of all partners and respect for human dignity.

We are specialists in patient engagement and patient access in research, development and access to treatment, medical devices and services. We network the knowledge and skills of patients, patient organizations and healthcare companies in Europe. The team of admedicum Business for Patients combines a deep understanding of both the particularities of patient groups and industry from years of practical experience. Our special expertise is to merge patient benefits and corporate success in all projects and to achieve measurable results.

About Justin Stindt Consulting

Justin Stindt Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in Strategy & Market Access advisory services for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry.

We deliver specific and actionable insight on payer resonating evidence including endpoints, how to operationalize them and the required effect size. We also determine return on investment of different evidence generation programs, e.g. the impact on access, price and forecasting that an investment in an additional trial delivers.

Our holistic approach integrates in-depth understanding of healthcare systems, costs & reimbursement, health outcomes, strategic vision and business sense to provide solutions truly creating value and access. Put simply, we help our clients determine what clinical evidence they will need to get their products reimbursed at a sustainable price. We have extensive international experience in all major EU markets, the USA, Japan and selected emerging markets.

We operate out of offices in Paris and Cologne and have a global reach through our network of payers, clinical experts and partners.

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