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Engaging patients in the development of digital solutions – why is this a must for app developers and providers of Digital Therapeutics (DTx) ?

The emergence of Digital Therapeutics (DTx): why does it matter to the life sciences industry?

How can we add value to the digital endeavours of life sciences firms?
How can we support life sciences firms in building digital business that is meaningful for patients?
admedicum’s patient-focused digital solutions – where we make the difference
patient2care – Our digital health guide for patients with rare and complex diseases

Why is this a must for app developers and providers of Digital Therapeutics (DTx) ?


Many app developers and healthcare stakeholders that are investing in digital health or digital therapeutics (DTx) realize that they need to involve patients only at a time when they seek official listing and strive for reimbursement of their apps

Very often this is too late, as they realize that their apps do not really meet the needs of patients, consequently not rendering the expected results

Sometimes, it occurs that patients even stop using the app after a while which makes it impossible to demonstrate a persisting effect on therapy or care

This is why it makes sense to include patients at a very early stage in the development and the design of digital services, apps or DTx solutions. At admedicum, we support and enable you to establish true patient co-creation: engaging with patients right from the start and building patient sounding boards that guide you during the constructing of your digital offering.

Why does it matter to the life sciences industry?

  • ^Life sciences firms are moving from nice to have “beyond-the-pill” applications to a far more solid and serious usage of digital technology in R&D, clinical trials or marketing.
  • ^In addition, Digital Therapeutics (DTx) are complementing traditional therapy and drug regimen.
  • ^The creation and usage of Real World Data (RWD) directly from patients – as it is increasingly required by regulatory authorities – is made possible by digital applications.

admedicum is helping life sciences firms with building their digital and DTx offerings by connecting their business with digital technology on the one hand and patients’ needs and requirements on the other.

Digital offerings and DTx only make sense if they are aligned with what is really useful for and useable by patients. This is why we engage with patients right form the start and during all steps of designing a digital strategy.

How can we add value to the digital endeavours of life sciences firms?

  • Making DTx work for you: You seek to understand how Digital Therapeutics (DTx) can complement traditional drug therapies and add value to your business
  • Building a DTx ecosystem: You wish to explore how you can build and manage a meaningful portfolio of DTx applications
  • Really going beyond the pill: You need to obtain an understanding of how you can create evidence to get digital applications approved and reimbursed as Dtx
  • Adding the patient perspective: You want to learn how to engage patients in developing valuable digital apps, services and DTx
  • Introducing a new type of data: You desire to collect insights into how you can use digital tools to engage patients for collecting Real World Data during your clinical trials or evidence studies
  • Adapting the way you do business: You require guidance on how to integrate DTx offerings into your business and organizational processes

How can we support life sciences firms in building digital business that is meaningful for patients?

  • LWe research and analyse the digital health app and DTx landscape for your disease area
  • LWe develop respective solution and business scenarios
  • LWe engage with patients, patient organizations, key opinion leaders and healthcare providers when developing and setting up your digital health and DTx portfolios or for including Real World Data into your clinical trials
  • LWe obtain patient insights using mixed-methods of research and online-usage data to ensure the patient offerings are fully aligned with the needs of patients
  • LWe build patient sounding boards for you to test the waters at all stages of your digital health or DTx development
  • LWe examine regulatory requirements and show you how to create the required evidence to ensure approval and reimbursement for your DTx solutions and applications
  • LWe identify the right digital solution and development partners for you
  • LWe accompany you during the implementation of your digital health strategy


Where we make the difference


Digital health is not purely a technology exercise. It only provides value to healthcare stakeholders if technology meets their wants and needs

Hence, it is mandatory to include patients in the design of digital health solutions and services

At admedicum we put patients in the driver seat. Everything we do and accomplish is co-developed with patients and embedded in our full suite of patient engagement services – also when it comes to building your portfolio of digital solutions and services


Our digital health guide for patients with rare and complex diseases

  Patients with rare or complex diseases are often overwhelmed when it comes to finding their way around the health system. Access to possible therapies, treatment centres, aids or general information on how to better deal with the disease is often problematic. This is why we are developing patient2care in close cooperation with the German Association for Patients with Muscular Diseases (DGM). patient2care provides benefits to patients, life sciences firms, solution developers, as well as to clinicians and payers through:
  • ^Bundling knowledge and digital therapy options around complex / rare diseases
  • ^Deploying an interactive and intuitive communication user interface and guidepost
  • ^Possessing an open architecture to connect external applications, digital tools and DTx to adapt to different disease patterns
Enabling the collection and analysis of anonymized patient data on their different wants and needs along the care pathway

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Rainer Herzog

Digital Innovation Lead

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