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Patient Driven Solutions

What is Patient Engagement?

Patient Engagement is the process of building the capacity of patients and the organizations that serve them, families, caregivers, as well as health care providers, to facilitate and support the active involvement of patients in their own care, to enhance safety, quality, and people-centeredness of health care service delivery.

Technical Series on Safer Primary Care. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2016.


Our unique approach to patient engagement in healthcare

All admedicum Partners have either strong experience within the pharma and biotech industry, working with patient organizations or as part of a patient organizations, or both cases.
  • Established collaboration frameworks with independent patient engagement consultants and expert groups in the EU and US.
  • Long-standing relationships with numerous patient groups, European associations, and KOLs.
  • Expertise in the particular nuances of patient interactions; high credibility, strong credentials, and trusted backgrounds.
  • Extensive understanding of European regulatory and HTA expectations regarding Patient-Reported Outcome data, Quality of Life, and Real-World Evidence.
  • With offices in Cologne, Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona, we are European and deeply rooted in both the local, national, and EU levels.
Read our Patient Engagement Guide

Patient Engagement Solutions and Services

All ideas listed below are for illustration only. Any specific recommendations require a detailed confidential discussion with the client. Contact us to get started in that process. We tailor our proposals and patient engagement services to the needs of each client in a cost-effective manner that upholds patients’ dignity as the guiding principal.

Patient Engagement Roadmap Workshop

Moderating, facilitating, and organizing Patient Engagement Roadmap Workshops to examine which patient engagement strategies are appropriate for the client’s situation. The workshop results in a detailed patient engagement action plan for the client prioritized based on impact and defined patient engagement metrics, complexity, timelines, resources, and costs. Read PE Roadmap Workshop case study

Patient engagement in clinical trials

Patient recruitment strategies that meet your individual needs. We design and operate online clinical trial recruitment that directs potential patients to a dedicated landing page that pre-screens and then sends relevant patients to the clinical trial sites for more information on joining the clinical trial.

Patient Landscape Mapping includes interviews, social media screening, and analysis of disease-relevant patient organizations to enable our clients to identify the most important patients, stakeholders, and their objectives as a basis for their patient engagement efforts.

Patient Pathways research

Helps clients to gain detailed understanding of patient insights and patients’ unmet healthcare needs through creating interview guides, execution of qualitative interviews, and creation of reports highlighting the patient pathways in the healthcare system.

HTA relevant Real World Evidence (RWE)

Co-creating RWE ideas as a basis for internal decision making obtained through multi-stakeholder co-creation sessions led and moderated by admedicum. Read the case study.

Clinical trial design and recruitment strategy

Designed with patients to reduce sponsor costs and keep studies on time. Learn more

Patient Advisory Boards

Creation, organization and moderation of Patient Advisory Boards including top patient experts both on the national and international levels.

Patient relevance reviews of the client’s product development plan to optimize the collection of HTA relevant feedback and as a basis for internal decision making. Read more

Patient Support Programs

Co-created, patient-oriented, Patient Support Programs that benefit patients and their families and achieve client goals.

Market research, Medical writing support, and the creation of Whitepapers

Whatever your project’s needs, admedicum provides patient engagement business intelligence, reporting, and leading the writing of scientific publications aimed at making a positive impact for patients. Read an example of a Whitepaper.


Meet the patient engagement specialists

Dr. Andreas L.G. Reimann

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Philipp von Gallwitz

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Dr. Roger Legtenberg

Senior Partner & Co-Owner

Ulrike Nowak

Director Patient Engagement and Head of Operations

Dr. Meike Neukirchen

International Patient Engagement Manager

Dr. Vera Vennedey

International Patient Engagement Manager

Marina Hoffmann

International Senior Patient Engagement Manager

Christian Hoenig

Director Patient Engagement

Robert Pleticha

International Senior Patient Engagement Manager and Head of admedicum Spain

Razak Ellafi

International Patient Engagement Manager and Head of admedicum France


Added Value for patients and companies

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Understanding patient’s needs

  • Patients as the 3rd component of TRIPLE-P market assessment next to payers and physicians: Interviews with patients and relatives, patient representatives and patient-influencers/disease champions (payers and physicians with renowned partners)
  • Social media analyses
  • Description of patient journeys based on patient- expertise
  • Surveys (offline, online) on the unmet patient need for developing added-value services
  • Focus groups to improve communication approaches: Interviews with patients or relatives to deepen understanding of patient-trail, touchpoints, and pain points
  • Mystery calls to patient-hotlines to assess information quality
  • Social media analyses
  • Description of patient journeys based on patient-expertise

Patient-focused products and services

  • Expert interviews and advice on Target Product Profiles
  • Usability testing of medical products and services
  • Patient-access preparation and management
  • Patient-focused critique of HTA-dossiers
  • Publication-management of patient-relevant clinical or public-health research
  • Supporting patient-oriented development of selected innovative digital solutions
  • Conceptual design and implementation of patient-registries
  • Catalyzing the conceptual design and the development of Patient-Reported Outcomes
  • Patient involvement in clinical trials (design, recruitment, reporting)
  • Added-value services / patient support programs
  • Beyond-the-pill offerings
  • Conceptual design and implementation of patient-registries
  • Conceptual design and implementation of innovative care-concepts

Patient Engagement Management

  • Engagement planning for understanding the patient journey
  • Patient stakeholder mapping
  • Patient-expert interviews
  • Systematic stakeholder-communication
  • Internal organization of patient-affairs function
  • Facilitating engagement with patient organizations and patient influencers/disease champions
  • Compliant strategic communication
  • Co-creation and implementation of added-value services
  • Disease-specific targeted patient information
  • Creating and implementing patient-industry dialogue fora and communication platforms (e.g. patient-advisory boards)
  • Creating concepts and creating content for patient directed websites
  • Stakeholder mapping for improving patient-access
  • Facilitating engagement with patient organizations and patient influencers/disease champions

Research / Asset Evaluation
Development and Market Access