Sheila Khawaja

Expert at admedicum, is based in Trieste, Italy. See more

Sheila Khawaja, Patient Expert at admedicum, is based in Trieste, Italy.

Sheila Khawaja is an acromegaly patient since 2003 and the current Vice-Chair of the World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations (WAPO), a non-profit entity that unites the global international pituitary community and aims at optimizing treatment and care of all patients with pituitary and related conditions. Sheila is responsible for EU Relations and fundraising opportunities that will enable WAPO to carry forward the Action Plan set forth by the Board. Since 2013 she leads her own affiliated local Patient Organization, Associazione Nazionale Italiana Patologie Ipofisarie – Friuli-Venezia-Giulia (ANIPI-FVG) based in Trieste, Italy.

Public awareness through workshops, walk-a-thons and the financial endorsement of medical research are constantly evolving in the organization and high on the agenda; since 2014 Sheila is also on the national board of ANIPI-Italia acting as a representative when the national organization participates in international events.

Sheila is bilingual in English and Italian and obtained her Master’s degree in Translation and Interpretation at the University of Trieste in 2012. In 2016 she joined the RareConnect translation group of EURORDIS to ensure that the Italian online community has easy access to important information on rare diseases; She recently became a EURORDIS ExPress Summer School Fellow upon completion of the course in June 2017.