Philipp von Gallwitz

Philipp worked 20 years in pharma industry and worked closely with patients for a variety of purposes. He is a passionate advocate of patient engagement.


Philipp has two decades of management experience in the innovative pharmaceutical industry. In addition to being a Co-founder and Managing Partner at admedicum, he is also a registered Attorney at Law in Cologne, Germany. This gives him additional expertise in legal compliance regarding industry-patient interactions.

He has a deep understanding of the role of patients as disruptive change-makers within pharmaceutical R&D and innovation. He maintains a strong network among leading patient representatives in Europe.

Philipp’s extensive career includes 15 plus years in leadership roles at the private pharma company Grünenthal. There his work included searching for and evaluating late-stage specialty products in Europe. Philipp has in-depth experience with setting up structured approaches for patient engagement within pharma and biotech companies.

He thoughtfully understands business value inflection points along the entire value chain of pharmaceutical development, be it in rare or common diseases or drug delivery, and how the patient view can make a difference at these junctions.

He is the co-author of the online and the e-learning course Patient Engagement in Europe. He has contributed to research in patient access as a co-author in the Myopath study.

Philipp has three children with his wife. He knows disability and rare diseases firsthand from his one daughter who lives with severe disability due to a rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorder called CDKL5. Independently of his work with admedicum, he remains engaged in voluntary work with national and international patient/parent organizations and is a member of the EU IMI Patient Expert Pool.

His belief that patient-oriented business thinking is one of the keys to future sustainable healthcare triggered his decision to co-found admedicum with Andreas Reimann in 2016. 


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