Dr. Tiziana Scanu

Tiziana has been a biomedical researcher for 15 years. She became a medical communication & medical writer expert & worked for industries, healthcare professionals, patient organizations & regulatory authorities.

Dr. Tiziana Scanu

Tiziana obtained her Ph.D. in Life Science in 2008, after concluding her research on the defects in chondrogenesis in children affected by the rare genetic disease called Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Tarda (SEDT).  

In the same year, she moved from Italy to the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam to set up, manage and conclude a scientific project investigating the role of Salmonella Typhi infection in gallbladder cancer development. The pioneering findings of Tiziana and co-workers have obtained extensive coverage in scientific journals, mass media, and social networks. 

In 2015 Tiziana decided to follow her enthusiasm for communicating scientific discoveries and medical development and worked as a medical/scientific communication manager and medical writer for industries, healthcare professionals and patient organizations.  

After an interim experience as a medical writer at the Medical and Health Information Service of the Stakeholder and Communication Division at the European Medicine Agency (EMA), she became a EUPATI fellow in October 2022. 

In her free time, she works as a volunteer for the Italian Accademia del Paziente Esperto EUPATI (ADPEE). She also volunteers as a helper and worker in poverty alleviation activities and assistance to people with disabilities in Italy, Africa, the Netherlands, and France. 



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