Dr. Andreas L.G. Reimann

Social entrepreneur in the fields of patient-oriented health care and inclusive education. He studied pharmacy, was state-registered as a pharmacist and earned a PhD in Pharmacology.


Entrepreneur in the fields of patient-oriented health care and inclusive education

Andreas is an entrepreneur in the fields of patient-oriented healthcare and inclusive education. He has trustworthy and deep connections with patient organizations and payers in Germany and Europe.

He understands the disruptive changes coming with Connected Health, and the role of patients and digital technology. Andreas had been a key contributor in numerous preparations of regulatory and health economic dossiers as a patient representative. He was a patient representative at the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) in Germany for 11 years.

Andreas has a wife and two children and is the father of a son living with Down syndrome. This too contributes to his conviction that the needs of patients and people living with disabilities should drive entrepreneurial decisions in the healthcare industry. He co-founded the company with Philipp von Gallwitz in 2015.


Andreas studied pharmacy in Frankfurt/Main and became a state registered as a pharmacist in 1990. He earned a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt/Main in 1995.

His business studies included a minor degree in business administration from the German Distance-Learning University in Hagen in 1999 followed by an Executive program at the Netherlands Insitute of MBA-Studies (NIMBAS) in Utrecht, Bradford, Rouen and Mainz. He completed this 2-year program with a Master of Business Administration with distinction from the University of Bradford, UK in 2001.

Professional Experience since 1991

  • Four years of academic research in pharmacology
  • 7 ½ years in the pharmaceutical industry (clinical research, international marketing, drug information)
  • 12 ½ years in a patient organization (social support, patient support, non-commercial clinical research, research promotion, quality management, research on health care, medical scientific information, fundraising) as chief executive officer of the German Cystic Fibrosis Association, Mukoviszidose e.V. and its professional affiliate for clinical research and quality management, Mukoviszidose Institut GmbH. During that time 11 years patient-representative at the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), the major governing body in the German healthcare system
  • Member of the Steering and Co-ordination committees of the National Action League for People with Rare Diseases (NAMSE), a patient and government-led multi-stakeholder initiative spearheading Germany’s first National Action Plan on Rare Diseases
  • Patient-oriented consultancy for the healthcare industry with admedicum since 2015


  • Andreas is the author of many publications and is giving lectures focusing mainly on patient engagement and patient access throughout the life cycle of healthcare products and services
  • Co-author of e-Learning Patient Engagement in Europe

Volunteer experience

Andreas is an active and passionate contributor in local government and in healthcare and education. Specifically:

  • Former Senior Vice President (2004 – 2014) and President (2014 – 2016) of the German Alliance for Rare Diseases (ACHSE)
  • Six years member of the board of directors of the EURORDIS- Rare Diseases Europe
  • Co-founder and Managing Director of the Offene Schule Köln, a privately-owned, state-recognized inclusive comprehensive school


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