Diana Usmanova

Diana has a research master’s degree in psychology with a particular focus on social and health-related domains.

portrait picture of admedicum employee Diana Usmanova

Diana holds a Research Master’s Degree in Psychology with a focus on social and health-related areas. She has a strong background in human behavior and social cognition and a deep understanding of patient-centered communication. She is experienced in statistical methodology and evaluation of qualitative and quantitative data. She joined admedicum in March 2023.


  • Diana completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology (B.Sc.) at the University of Twente in Enschede (Netherlands, 2019)

BSc thesis (Conflict and Risk Psychology): The Drones Are Coming: Fostering Acceptance Within the Implementation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Surveillance (Usmanova, 2019).

  • Diana graduated with honors in Social and Health Psychology (M.Sc.) at Utrecht University, in the Netherlands (2022).

MSc thesis (Social and Health Psychology): “Hey Alexa, should I kill?” – The Effect of Voice Assistant’s Level of Agency on Responsibility Attribution in Collective Moral Decision-Making (Usmanova, 2019).

 Her studies focused on understanding the human mind and social behavior. By acquiring skills in empathic communication, she gained practical experience in interviewing clients and patients. She has conducted research on the health effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on well-being and moral decision-making in the presence of artificial intelligence.


  • Directly after her high school graduation, Diana worked in an honorary capacity at the Alfried-Krupp Krankenhaus for three months, gathering first-hand experience as a nurse assistant within the medical health sector.
  • During her studies, she worked as a student assistant at the ToP Nursing School (Essen, Germany) involved in administrative tasks and client contact.


Notable Projects

  • She participated in the excellence program of the University of Twente. The main accomplishment of those courses was to broaden her knowledge of professional communication and presentation skills.
  • In the last semester of her master’s, she completed a research internship at the Utrecht University research lab. She investigated the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the quality and strength of social and romantic relationships.
  • During her study abroad in Norway, she broadened her expertise in areas such as economics, sociology, and neuroscience.



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