Embracing Empathy as a Core Value in Clinical Trials

In the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, there is a noticeable and positive shift towards a patient-centered approach, with a strong emphasis on empathy. This newfound focus on empathy has proven to be crucial in the realm of clinical trials, particularly when it comes to participant recruitment and retention.
Two woman talking to each other

Below is a short summary of the article written by our Senior Partner Roger Legtenberg, called “Embracing Empathy: A Game Changer for Participant Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials?

By genuinely understanding and connecting with individuals living with a disease, researchers can address the unique challenges they face and create a more inclusive and supportive environment for their involvement in clinical trials. Moreover, empathy fosters trust between researchers and participants, enhancing communication and understanding throughout the entire process. As a result, this empathetic approach not only improves the overall quality of clinical trials but also promotes greater representation and diversity within the medical research community.

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