We help you understanding patient needs with a customized mix of approaches.

Our greatest passion is learning from patients and partnering with them to capture and share their expertise with professionals in the healthcare system, in particular industry, payers, and HCPs. With every project, our goal is co-creating solutions that benefit both patients and industry.

Internal Patient Engagement Roadmap Workshop

The client wants to better understand potential future patient engagement activities in a therapeutic indication where they lack prior experience.

Improving Patient Information and Community Building

There are no dedicated support groups in Germany for an ultra-rare disease.

Understanding the Patient Pathway

The client is beginning to design a clinical trial protocol for a new phase I/II trial in a poorly understood, under diagnosed, and rare genetic disorder.

Developing a Patient Advisory Board

The client would like to establish a European patient advisory board to guide upcoming trials.

Mapping the Patient Landscape

The client is ready to begin engaging with patients for advice on designing a new clinical development program but lacks relationships.

Multimedia Content Creation

The client wants to create content in collaboration with patients and tell their personal stories but can’t get in direct contact.

Patient Reports

There are a lot of impressive stories about how “the rare ones” deal with their daily challenges and find solutions.

*All ideas for illustration only. Any specific recommendations require a detailed confidential discussion with the client. Contact us to get started in that process. We tailor our proposals and services to the needs of each client in a cost-effective manner that upholds patients’ dignity as the first principal.