patient2site: admedicum and Trials24 join forces to accelerate clinical trial recruitment

admedicum is happy to announce a partnership with Trials24 to accelerate patient recruitment to help Biopharma companies and CROs complete their clinical trials on time and bring innovative drugs to p... See moreatients faster See more

patient2site: Accelerating your clinical trial recruitment

admedicum is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the Munich based company Trials24 for a new program called patient2site to assist biopharma companies and CROs in patient recruitment for clinical trials. Here are the essential actions we take together to significantly increase the active patient enrolment to your trial, no matter what phase you are in or what additional challenges you face.


admedicum engages with patient groups and treating physicians to inform patients about enrolling clinical trials in addition to the more traditional methods of notifying trial centers and searching site databases. We co-create content and communication approaches with patients, patient groups, and online influencers. Trials24 is adept at creating a holistic online awareness campaign featuring physician and patient landing pages supported by a search engine, health portal, and social advertising using our OutSite™ method.


admedicum works closely with patient groups and expert patients to ensure patient-friendly information about the trial is available and to validate the patient landing page. admedicum and Trials24 reach out to patient groups, doctors, and use the patient landing page to let patients know about the trial. We achieve this with the clinical trial’s Patient Companion Hub, which we custom build for you.


On the patient landing page, we do an anonymous pre-screening check of the major eligibility criteria. Interested patients can opt-in to leave their data to learn more. With online prescreening designed to your clinical trial’s needs, patients know immediately if they are eligible and how to continue in the process. Your sites can save time and resources by avoiding requests from patients that don’t fit the criteria.


Pre-screened patients can be contacted and their personal information validated. We find and refer patients to the closest trial center. We close the gap from the patient reading online information to the first visit to a clinical trial site. Our Patient Companion Service takes care of the patient and provides them with additional information to guide them to the site. Our process takes the entire patient journey into account – especially in complex indications like rare diseases or cancer. 

A critical consideration throughout this process is to ensure the IRB approval of all materials (patient landing page/brochure/video) before publication. First and foremost, we respect the principles of transparency and the independence of patients. patient2site service delivery works just like any experiment in the lab. We set-up your clinical trial recruitment strategy, we measure the results and share them with you, and based on the data you receive, we make an informed decision to expand the patient recruitment efficiently.

About admedicum

Click the link above to get to know admedicum. To receive a detailed case study of the patient2site process in action, please contact us:

About Trials24

We speed up your clinical trial’s patient recruitment by reaching patients outside your site’s databases. We call this the OutSite™ approach. Find patients when the site’s databases reach their limit. Our proven 4-step FISE process is a holistic way to find patients that are not registered at your clinical trial sites. We reach them online, through patient organizations, or at their treating physicians. Our scientific SME method for service delivery provides you with all the data and ensures maximum cost efficiency. The OutSite approach works in all clinical trial phases and with many indications – including complex ones like cancer and rare diseases. Visit our website

About patient2site

This is what we at admedicum and Trials24 call the clinical trial services and processes outlined above. Contact us for a more detailed case study of the process and to schedule a teleconference with our experts to discuss your needs in more detail. 

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